A small company with an important role

Every metal is precious.

Isifer is one of those artisanal companies in our valleys which make us proud to live here. The company was created with simplicity, stubbornness, energy, and great skill. These qualities are at the heart of its high-quality work and the way in which it treats metal: knowledge and human empathy go hand in hand.

We decided to narrate the company’s story and its services by mean of Isidoro’s words, the company’s founder, and use them to rebrand the coordinated image and create the new website.

Technology and precision

The new logo is based on a lettering which genuinely reflect the company’s identity. The cut of the letter ‘i’ gives a distinct feeling of dynamism which ensures the company name is easily recognisable.

Isifer: Corporate Identity
Isifer: Corporate Identity
The applications
Isifer: Corporate Identity

We have designed the website as though it were a photo album you can leaf through. The story consists of a few, select, read-out loud sentences by the founder of the company. He built it with his own bare hands. The website is complemented by images, even dynamic ones, from the company’s past and present.

Isifer: Corporate Identity

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