A brand-new world

Bauper and the construction industry.

You always remember firsts, and at Puls we’ll surely remember our first graphic design project for a completely new industry: construction and building. The company specialises in concrete cutting and core sampling but, as the saying goes, fortune favours the bold. So, bolstered by our long-standing experience, we took the plunge. This is construction, though, so safety comes first: we wore our high-vis jackets, hard hats, safety gloves and started by naming the company. Bauper is the union of the German verb “to build”, “bau”, and Per, an acronym representing the owner’s name. After the name, we planned the entire corporate identity – the logo and the different applications required. We then created the three brands below which represent a company wanting to build a solid future – as solid as concrete.

Bauper: Corporate Identity Bauper: Corporate Identity
Bauper: Corporate Identity
The colours
Bauper: Corporate Identity
Bauper: Corporate Identity
The applications
Social images
Bauper: Corporate Identity

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