German Bottle Shop: Strategy & Brand Identity
A journey to new horizons

The cosmopolitan rebranding of German Bottle Shop

German Bottle Shop, founded in 2017, is an Iraqi company specialising in the sale of premium beverages. To adapt to the market and seize new opportunities, the company embarked on an ambitious rebranding process. This process aims to reflect its cosmopolitan identity and to attract individuals with a high standard of living, open to adventure and discovery. The entire communication strategy was designed for this target audience. Every aspect of the visual identity was designed with the aim of reflecting their mindset, positioning German Bottle Shop as a brand of appeal to those wishing to explore new horizons, emphasising how each bottle tells a story, represents a journey and offers a complete experience.


The revamped German Bottle Shop logo is a logotype inspired by the world of coffee roasters and the aesthetics of airport billboards, symbolising boundless travel. This logo eloquently embodies the essence of adventure and enterprise, immediately capturing the attention of the target audience through a striking visual identity. Its style incorporates elements evocative of travel, with stylised maps and contours of continents, vividly evoking the idea of exploration and discovery. The logo is a firm invitation to join an extraordinary journey into the world of premium beverages, an experience offered by German Bottle Shop.

German Bottle Shop: Strategy & Brand Identity
An immersion into the world of beverages

German Bottle Shop's vibrant colour palette is an authentic immersion into the world of beverages with rich and sophisticated tones. The pattern, an integral part of the visual identity, symbolises the company's global and cosmopolitan approach, representing the exploration and discovery of flavours from all over the world.

In terms of typography, the choice of the 'GT Ultra' font is a bold and sophisticated choice reflecting the high quality of craftsmanship. This font, with its fluid lines and refined elegance, conveys an innate sense of attention to detail, a central element in the experience German Bottle Shop offers its customers in their dedicated shops.

German Bottle Shop: Strategy & Brand Identity
German Bottle Shop: Strategy & Brand Identity
One story, several touchpoints

The implementation of the new German Bottle Shop brand identity represents an exciting evolution that transforms every touchpoint into an exceptional experience. From business cards to shopping bags, from sustainable paper bottles to elegant gift boxes, each element reflects the dedication to high quality and meticulous attention to detail. The team's uniforms embody the professionalism and commitment that drive every aspect of the service, while the design of the shelves communicates the shops' unique and welcoming atmosphere. This brand identity goes beyond aesthetics: it represents a promise of quality, adventure and a shared vision that German Bottle Shop is committed to deliver for its customers, turning every single sip into an unforgettable experience.

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